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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Best Products from the 2019 Tech Show

We’ve gathered the most amazing products from the recently concluded annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Las Vegas welcomes the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year, and 2019 didn’t disappoint! Whether you wanted to check out the prototype air taxi or preorder a toothbrush that takes 15 seconds to clean your teeth, you were in luck. Just in case the show didn’t make your calendar, we’ve summed up some of the best products.

Does Anyone Really Need a Smart Toilet?

While we can agree that time spent on the porcelain throne should be comfortable, it's hard to see the value in Kohler's new $7,000 ($9,000 in black) smart toilet. With built in speakers, ambient lighting and Amazon Alexa support, you could spend hours sitting on the john.

Kohler's Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet promises a "fully immersive experience" thanks to mood lightning and music that are set via voice commands. Upgrade your toilet further with the PureWarmth toilet seat add-on. you can even get a smart mirror, smart shower, and smart tub from Kohler to keep your smart toilet company in the bathroom.

Go to Kohler to see the entire line of smart products.

  • Samsung’s MicroLED-based Wall TV  is made of smaller, modular panels that interlock to make a screen as big as your wall with no bezel. The display screen at this year’s show was 219 inches.
  • Bell’s six-rotor air taxi in sleek black, like a small helicopter, could ferry passengers as soon as 2020, according to the company. 
  • Impossible Burger 2.0 was a smash hit. The soy-based meat replacement got raves for being “meatier than ever.”
  • The Hyundai Elevate walking car remains only a concept, but a cool one with a Star Wars feel. The vehicle has both legs and wheels to handle the most difficult terrain.
  • The Jabra Elite 85H noise-canceling headphones use artificial intelligence to tune out the crying babies on your flight and let you relax to Norah Jones.
  • The Ring Door View Cam is perfect for older adults who live in apartments. It replaces the typical peep hole on your front door and lets you see who is on your stoop.
  • It’s okay to get messy with the KitchenAid Smart Display that is built to withstand grime and moisture, including a stream of water. With a built-in Google Assistant, older adults will like how tough and comprehensive this smart display is.
  • The LG Signature OLED TV will finally go to market later this year for an undisclosed price, but everyone at the show was taken with it. Check out a video of the rollup TV 
  • Wireless charging has taken a serious step forward with the Ossia Spigen, an over-the-air charging system that allows charging while you are walking around, no pad needed. It should be available later this year.
  • Are you someone who hates to fold clothes? Foldimate to the rescue! For a cool grand, you can buy a machine that does all the work. All you have to do is feed it shirts and pants, and presto, they’re folded! Available by the end of 2019.
  • The era of flexible electronics is upon us. Enter the Royole flexible QWERTY keyboard that pulls out of a wand not much bigger than a mascara. Set the clear keyboard on any flat surface and hook it up with Bluetooth. Push a button, and it will retract into the wand that you can stick in your pocket.
  • How would you like to brush your teeth in 10 seconds? The Y-Brush is a clever device where you simply add a little toothpaste, put it in your mouth and turn it on. Make a chewing motion for five seconds, flip it over and repeat. You’re done! If you want one now you can preorder it for $125.
  • Are you embarrassed about snoring? Try the Hupnos anti-snoring mask that pairs with an app to evaluate your sleep. If it detects a snore, it will vibrate to get you to change to a less snore-inducing position. When that doesn’t do the trick, it will increase the pressure when you exhale to open up those airways and stop the snore.
  • If you love the Apple Watch Series 4 but find it’s too pricy, try the Withings Move fitness watch with EKG functionality on a traditional-looking watch. Release is expected the second quarter of 2019, for about a third of the Apple Watch S4 price.
  • Who doesn’t need a Lamborghini Boyfriend massage chair? Airbags adjust the massage to your every sore muscle. Just don’t tense up at the $30,000 price tag.
  • If you love a Harley and want to go green, now’s your chance. The Harley-Davidson Livewire is their first electric motorcycle. Soar down the road in quiet splendor for just under $30,000. 
  • Samsung produced a trio of robots for this year’s conference. The Bot Air rolls around to purify the air in your house, the Bot Care will monitor your health, and Bot Retail fetches things for you as you shop.
  • Finally, a treadmill that generates electricity! The SportsArt Verde could power the lights in your home gym, or fire up the blender for that post-workout smoothie.
  • If you’re an older adult with at least one small dog, consider the Pepe, a warm-air circulator to dry off Fido. Now you can wash your pup as many times as you want and have him dry in about 25 minutes. The dryer also creates a warm, protected spot for your dog to lounge in. At $660, it currently only ships to China, Singapore and South Korea.
  • The Qolo concept morphs from a wheelchair to upright mode, acting as a Transformer-like exoskeleton. By Japan’s University of Tsukuba, it’s a finalist in Toyota’s Mobility Unlimited Challenge.
  • Another Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge finalist, the Quix is a sort of exoskeleton that aids people with disabilities. With motors at the hips, knees and ankles, it could help frail older adults walk with confidence.
  • Get Mom and Dad a robot vacuum for less with the Trio Ironpie. For $299, it uses sensors to track its positions and not go over the same spot twice.
  • Originally designed to give home assistance to older adults, the Temi robot now comes with Amazon Alexa. With voice-activated controls and navigation aided by sensors, it’s an armless butler for your home.

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