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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2018 CSA Conference: Why Every CSA Should Attend

There are many conferences available to professionals today including hundreds that individually address finance, care, insurance, technology, health, and aging. But there is only one that brings together the community of multidisciplinary professionals that have demonstrated their commitment to serving older adults by virtue of holding the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) credential.

The CSA Conference is designed to bring you together with other aging industry experts and thought leaders all in one place to not only learn the latest information on critical topics important for your business and your clients, but also to connect with one another. As a CSA and professional working with seniors, it is your responsibility to stay current on trends, and to ensure you have access to the resources and networks that your clients need. The CSA Conference is your opportunity to do both. On August 24th, 25th, and 26th in Dallas, Texas you will have the chance to meet with people who share a common interest and passion for serving older adults, exchange ideas and thoughts, and to build your professional network with CSAs and leading experts from across the country.

This year at the 5th Annual CSA Conference, Building Knowledge and Empowering Networks to Benefit Seniors, participants will include expert Speakers like Matt Paxton, from the hit TV show HOARDERS and Jane W. Barton, along with contributions from the 2018 CSA Conference Sponsors and many CSAs and aging industry professionals.

The CSA Conference is an event like none other for a community of committed professionals. Join your fellow CSAs and help SCSA make this year’s conference the best yet.

All CSAs will earn 12 CSA CE credits for attending the conference.

Register Now: – go to to learn more about the program, speakers, sessions, and sponsors for the 2018 CSA Conference in Dallas.