Sunday, March 5, 2017

CSA Journal Special Edition Survey

CSA Journal Special Edition 2017

CSA Journal Special Edition 2017

Dear CSAs,

Every year, the CSA Journal dedicates one entire issue to a special theme related to older adults. We invite your input on which of the themes below you would be most interested in learning about this year.

  • Aging in the Community
    • Long-term services and support
    • Housing options/affordability
    • Age-friendly cities
    • Dementia villages

  • Caregiving/Caregivers and Care Receivers
    • Stress management/self or respite care
    • Sibling relationships
    • Ethical issues in caregiving from the perspective of care receivers (including civil rights)
    • Caregivers who are full-time employees (including employers’ perspectives and support)
    • Paying for caregiving

  • Transportation/Mobility
    • Driverless cars and driver-friendly technology
    • Advocacy and availability of public transportation
    • Older adults as drivers for volunteer and commercial services
    • Physical mobility issues in the home and community

The following survey contains three themes chosen by the CSA Journal Board with examples of potential article topics. Our goal is to serve the CSA population and the aging industry with meaningful and valuable information. Please complete the survey to help us accomplish this goal.

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