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Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Tips for Marketing to Seniors

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors has just released our newest white paper, 5 Tips for Marketing to Seniors. This free guide was created for professionals who work with the 65+ demographic. It's purpose is to help those individuals truly understand what makes this target market tick.

Some tips from the guide:

"Trust is key, and it takes time. Seniors have to buy you first, and then they'll listen to what you offer...Seniors, more than any other age group, make consumer decisions based on relationship values.The senior consumer must believe that you know what they need."
> Know your customer
> Show empatheic understanding
> Build a relationship

"Make social media a priority...sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube may appear to be just a way to stay connected with friends and family, they have very valid business applications as well. A presence on these sites can drive immediate attention to your content and your offerings...given that seniors are the fastest growing internet user group, engaging in social media should be a top priority for you."
> Regularly put good content on your website and blog
> Do free consultations and community assistance
> Publish a free e-newsletter, print newsletter, or e-book

"Reaching out to seniors and professionals within your community to initiate genuine relationships can certainly lead to business opportunities...when reaching out to consumers, always be prepared to get their information so you can stay in contact...find a method that works comfortably with your personality and makes sense for what you do professionally."
> Senior Alliance Communities - try an informational meeting for their residents
> Offer to be a 'guest-expert' on a senior-related blog or website
> Volunteer at an organization close to your heart

You can read the full white paper here:

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