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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Who, What, When, Where & Why of a Senior Move

Who, What, When, Where & Why of a Senior Move

People move for all sorts of reasons. There are job changes, downsizing and upsizing. But if you are a senior considering a move, here are some important considerations to think about before making a decision.


This is likely the top consideration. Why are you thinking about moving? The answer will probably dictate your response to some of the other questions that arise.

Does your current residence have challenges, such as too many stairs, too much space or too much maintenance? Are you facing budget issues or do you just want a change of scenery?


Your "where" might be a short distance away or across the country. Now is a good time to be open to other locations or types of housing.

Consider your future needs, as well as your current lifestyle. Think about proximity to family, as well as transportation and access to services. If you are moving across the country, investigate the location of services before deciding on your new neighborhood.


Now is the time to consider the type of home that will satisfy your needs and wants. Be sure to think about your "why" so that your new home solves a challenge or fulfills a dream.

If your move is due to physical limitations, there are many choices to consider. Perhaps you just need to be closer to friends or family who can drop in occasionally. Many seniors continue to live in single family homes with periodic assistance coming in.

If more frequent or professional assistance is required, there are a growing number of senior communities that provide limited to full-blown help, including transportation, meals and medical care.


Your “why” will probably determine your “when.” If you are thinking about moving to a new senior community that is being built, now is the time to investigate availability and possible move-in dates. Or you may need to act quickly to solve a challenge with finances or living arrangements that do not work any more.


Do not feel alone. Family, friends and professionals can be at your disposal.

Professionals, who deal with these types of moves on a daily basis, can provide helpful advice (some at no charge). They can help you with everything from the overall decision to making a move, to helping you decide what works best for you, to choosing a retirement community. Trusted advisers can help with financial decisions.

Experienced real estate agents who specialize in working with seniors can help with real estate sales or purchase decisions. They can provide data and other important information so you can make an educated decision about owning real estate or cashing out on a home you already own.

Author -  Linda Alexander

- By Linda Alexander

Linda Alexander is a former Certified Public Accountant who has been listing and selling real estate in Colorado since 1993. She now puts her years of expertise to good use, helping seniors and their families as they transition to a smaller home or retirement community, or move out of state to be closer to children. If you have questions or comments, she can be reached at 303.475.3078 or