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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Tools to Share with the Family Caregiver You Are Helping

Blog posting courtesy of Viki Kind

I have recently developed some support tools for seniors and their families that I would like to share with you. If you would like to email me at, I would be happy to forward all of the following tools to you. Please write CSA tools in the subject line so I will know what you are requesting.

Crisis Decision Making Worksheet: Unfortunately, so many of our clients are struggling to make decisions during a crisis. As we know, this is not the optimal time or way to make quality decisions. My Crisis Planning Worksheet for Urgent Decision Making can be used as a dialogue starter for seniors who have resisted considering that a health crisis might happen to them or for when you are helping the senior’s family to navigate the difficult decisions.

Helping Caregivers to Ask for and Accept Help: In this two-part resource, I include a 4-Step Process for getting caregivers to ask for and accept help as well as a worksheet that can be used to help them implement their new plan. Many support groups are using this tool to help caregivers to create an action plan to avoid burnout. The 4-Step Process can be found at but you will need to email me for the worksheet.

Evaluating Risk while Respecting the Person in Our Care: In this 5-part packet of tools, I will give you a bioethical structure and framework to help you balance respecting and protecting seniors. These tools can be used in dialogue with the senior, with the senior and family together, or with the family who is now responsible for their loved one. This resource is not on my website but I will send it to you when I get your request for these documents.


Viki is a clinical bioethicist, educator and hospice volunteer. Her award winning book, “The Caregiver’s Path to Compassionate Decision Making: Making Choices for Those Who Can't,” guides families and professionals through the difficult process of making decisions for those who have lost capacity.