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Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet CSA Spotlight, Delana Schneider

As a young woman I had an opportunity to work with “elders” and their families. Working in an institutional environment created a deep desire in me to be part of changing the attitude and landscape of senior care. It was obvious to me from this experience that the way we as a society meet the needs of the aging population has some serious flaws.

My business background led me to work in an administrative and consulting role, most recently, with a small company that had a big mission: support seniors during the transitions at the end of life.

My engagement with seniors and those on their way to seniorhood continued to deepen the more I served the aging community. Society of Certified Senior Advisors offered a way to “legitimize” my work and commitment. Seniors, often the most vulnerable of our population, need a way to identify who they invite into their homes, not only for their own safety but also for the peace of mind of their families. The CSA education and certification instills confidence and reassures my clients that they will receive quality service from a professional who is knowledgeable in all areas related to senior issues. This empowers them with the confidence that they have made a sound choice. I found the course to be very comprehensive, and it continues to be a valuable resource. An attorney friend who coached me through the legal chapters was amazed at the depth of the information and offered a glowing recommendation for the CSA course.

I am also trained as a hospice volunteer and own Hearthstone, a business that provides organizational and “right-sizing” services. Hearthstone also supports elderly clients and their families as they face end-of-life issues. We practice compassionate listening as we offer guidance and resources that will meet the clients’ needs gently.

Over the past four years, I have volunteered with the Monterey Bay Village founding council to explore, research and develop the “villages” concept and ultimately make the village opportunity available in our community. This not-for-profit, aging-in-place concept, modeled after Beacon Hill Village in Boston, provides a concierge of services, a type of safety net that enables seniors to age in place. “Stay home, stay active and stay connected!” On July 1, 2012, the Monterey Bay Village was launched (

My goal of seeing the senior landscape change, in terms of senior care and living, continues to fuel my passion with the vision that one day we will see intentional intergenerational communities replace the isolation of the current retirement communities that many seniors experience during the last chapters of life. If this interests you or your business supports this vision, please contact me!

Blog posting provided by Delana Schneider, CSA
Certified Senior Advisor

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