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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today it’s the roar of the air conditioning unit. Over the weekend it was the neighbor’s leaf blower. In a few months time it may be his snow blower. These are some of the background noises that can be either mildly irritating, or they drive us to distraction. And just as we have different aesthetic tastes, certain noises can be more irritating to some of us than others.  It’s not just the number of decibels that determine what we consider to be excessively noisy.  Duration and frequency (high or low) of unwanted noises can have detrimental effects on our wellbeing.  For example, very high or very low pitched sounds are more damaging than middle frequencies.
To find out more about the detrimental effect that excess noise can have on our health – and why seniors are especially at risk—read the following article, Noise Pollution – A Health Hazard for Seniors, in the current issue of Senior Spirit.
Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal’s Joe Queenan offers an amusing take in his article, “The Sound of One Neighbor Misbehaving”  on the topic of inconsiderate neighbors who get their weed whacker out on Father’s Day.
Some countries choose to limit the effects of noise pollution by regulation. Most federal states in Germany have laws forbidding the use of noisy appliances on Sundays or between the hours of noon and 3pm. If you’re driving in Italy, you’ll encounter this road sign as you enter a municipality. Hands off that horn!

Please comment if there are any noises that drive you to distraction.

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