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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growing Senior Market Creates Demand for Resources on Aging

(December, 2011 – Parker, CO) A Colorado company has come to the aid of well intended, yet often stressed and uninformed, senior caregivers. Research shows that approximately 83% of caregivers are related to the care recipient and are not professional caregivers. may be the first online site of it’s kind to help hold the “cyber” hand of seniors and their families by giving them the resources they need to be able to navigate through the mass of information on the aging process., launched in Beta on 11-11-11, and is a one-stop shop geared at providing easy to find resources on over 300 senior related topics, providing a non-threatening ‘entry point’ into the planning process for seniors and their families.

Starting in 2011, and continuing for the next 20 years, America will witness an explosion of the senior population as 10,000 baby-boomers begin to turn 65 every day. They will become the nations fastest growing demographic group, putting a heavy strain not only on our nations resources, like Medicare and Medicaid, but also putting an enormous strain on the psyche and pocketbooks of the adult children and caretakers of this greying population.

“Seniors demand for resources, care and information is staggering. Unfortunately we’ve seen how the enormous emotional strain of a crisis can tear families apart at a time when they most need to come together. Without a plan in place many seniors and their families will continue to suffer needlessly. We believe that aging is inevitable, but crisis is not, and know that we can help families avert, or at least better manage, tragedy.” says Carrie Roberts, Co-Founder at

The new site is unique in that it integrates a large provider network (currently over 50,000 providers in 20+ industries, all related to senior care needs) with it’s content rich Resource Library, which consists of over 1500 articles, videos, and expert advice, a combination of which creates a powerful resource to captivate and educate users.

“We believe we’ve created the first site of its kind aimed at helping seniors and their families navigate and plan for the future by providing a complete, comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website. Instead of browsing hundreds of other sites and trying to piece information together, or flipping through volumes of print trying to find service providers, we have created a site that centralizes information for users. Whether looking for information on assisted living, information on applying for Medicare, caregiver stress, or a multitude of other senior related topics, it may all be found on one site. now contains massive amounts of information (over 9000 pages already indexed by Google), yet is designed to be very easy to navigate and is user friendly. The site is a free resource for seniors and their families to use.” Roberts said.

“Our goal for 2012 is to help 10 million seniors and their families. Some people have said that we could never accomplish that in just 1 year. We say it’s just a start.”

For further information, please contact: Carrie Roberts, Co-Founder, 303-929-8786,, or visit