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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Top Ten Fears of Elderly Adults

Blog Posting Courtesy of Home Instead Senior Care

Many of the fears that aging adults experience relate to the biggest challenge they say they face: staying active. According to a recent survey conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care network, seniors worry about the future, beginning with the loss of their independence. *

  1. Loss of Independence
  2. Declining Health
  3. Running out of money
  4. Not being able to live at home
  5. Death of a spouse or other family member
  6. Inability to manage their own activities of daily living
  7. Not being able to drive
  8. Isolation or loneliness
  9. Strangers caring for them
  10. Fear of falling or hurting themselves
We regularly see seniors who are literally trapped in their homes because they are too weak to perform many of the activities they need to remain safe and independent, or to even enjoy life," says Home Instead Senior Care Co-Founder and CEO Paul Hogan. "That's why staying active is viewed by so many as vital to healthy aging."

Need ideas for activities and other tools? Download a PDF version of the Home Instead Senior Care booklet, Activities for the Mind, Body & Soul.

*The Boomer Project ( completed online interviews with 523 seniors in the U.S. and 358 seniors in Canada, and 1,279 U.S. adult caregivers, ages 35-62, with a parent, stepparent or older relative for whom they or someone in their household provides care, and with 407 adult caregivers in Canada.