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Monday, October 4, 2010

Brain Health & Fitness Education Resources Growing at a Rapid Rate

by Guest Blogger, Gary W. Ford, ACP Publisher

Research shows that brain health and brain fitness are one of the most popular concerns among older adults today. Whether trying to exercise the brain like you exercise the body, or trying to figure out if “mild-forgetfulness” is something more serious, older adults are looking for help in keeping their minds healthy and fit.

This demand has created a fast-growing brain fitness industry for software, online resources and training programs for older adults and the organizations that serve them.

Here are some websites that you will find useful for brain health resources for you and your clients:

  • –This is the leading consulting group in this new field. They have lots of interesting resources, including a good checklist for choosing the right brain fitness program.

Some leading brain fitness software/training companies:

Our company, ACP, Inc., has published a popular senior health education wall calendar for more than 20 years. This fall, we are introducing both a personalized brain fitness wall calendar and pocket planner. You can find out more by visiting or

If you are looking for more details about the “brain fitness” market, contact Gary Ford at