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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Famous & 65

Look who's turning 65 this month

Find out which celebrities are turning 65 this month!

Image Source: Wikipedia

June 7 - Mike Pence, former US vice president, state governor and congressman  

Republican Mike Pence most famously served as the 48th vice president under Donald Trump, but he was a lawyer in private practice, a radio talk show host, and US congressman before working his way up to governor of Indiana. His political career was marked by conservative policies, including tax cuts and industry incentives, while maintaining a balanced state budget. Notably, he expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Pence employed the slogan “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order” to describe himself, which he’d also used on his radio show, “The Mike Pence Show”. Pence's tenure in Congress saw him rise in the ranks, eventually becoming the Republican Conference chairman in 2009. Although none of his 90 legislative initiatives became law, he was involved in key committees, impacting agriculture, judiciary, and foreign affairs.

During his time as vice president, Pence faced significant challenges, including the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. He confirmed the election results, upholding the democratic process, and attended the subsequent inauguration.

Post-vice presidency, Pence has engaged with conservative organizations and expressed critiques of Trump's claims about election overturning. After briefly running for president in 2024, he stepped down without endorsing any candidate. He and his wife have been married since 1985 and have three grown children.

Image Source: Wikipedia

June 11 - Hugh Laurie,  actor, author, comedian, director, musician, singer, producer

Most of us will remember Hugh Laurie primarily as the grumpy lead character on Fox’s “House”, where he became the most watched leading man on TV and pulled down $700,000 per episode by the time the series ended. A Brit, Laurie adopted an American accent for the film that was so convincing few realized he wasn’t from the States. 

Laurie revered his physician father growing up, and became a star rower at Cambridge, just like his dad. When a bout of mono interrupted his eight-hour practice sessions, he turned to the university drama club where he met and had a romantic liaison with actress Emma Thompson. They remain good friends. It was Thompson who introduced him to his future comedic partner, Stephen Fry. 

Fry and Laurie worked on several projects together in the 80s and 90s, including the ”Blackadder” series, for which Laurie played a variety of characters. Laurie also appeared in a slew of films, including the lauded “Sense and Sensibility” with his friend Thompson. Not all of his films had literary origins; for instance, you can also catch him in the 1997 Spice Girls film “Spice World”. 

Laurie also has a successful musical career, playing piano, guitar, drums, harmonica and sax as well as singing. He sings and plays keyboard for the LA charity rock group Band From TV. He has two blues albums, “Let Them Talk“ and “Didn’t It Rain”. And let’s not forget that back in ‘96 Laurie penned a top-notch thriller, “The Gun Seller”.

In spite of all his fame and wealth, Laurie has admitted to suffering from depression, for which he saw a psychotherapist. At home, Laurie has been married to Jo Green since 1989. The couple has three children and homes in England and the US.

Image Source: Wikipedia

June 27 - Janusz  Kamiński, cinematographer and director

A Polish immigrant, Janusz Kamiński arrived on US soil at the age of 21 after martial law was imposed in his home country. He didn’t waste any time, attending Columbia College in Chicago for a Bachelor of Arts before earning a Master of Fine Arts from the AFI Conservatory. His first project was shooting a music video, “Why Can’t I Dance With Phil Donahue”, for Club of Rome that became wildly successful.

After filming a number of B-movies, Kamiński got his big break when Steven Spielberg saw his made-for-TV film “Wildflower” and was so impressed that he hired Kamiński for his next project. The two began a collaboration that would see Kamiński win Best Cinematography Academy Awards for blockbusters “Schindler’s List“ and “Saving Private Ryan”. Kamiński was nominated for five other films: “Amistad”, “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”, “War Horse”, “Lincoln” and “West Side Story”.

Kamiński was married to film star Holly Hunter from 1995 until 2001, when she allegedly got pregnant from an affair with her leading man in the stage play “The Bog of Cats”, Gordon MacDonald. A few years later, Kamiński gave matrimony another try with ABC reporter Rebecca Rankin, but the two split six years later in 2010.


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