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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Famous & 65

Look who's turning 65 this month

Find out which celebrities are turning 65 this month!

Image Source: Wikipedia

November 1 - Lyle Lovett, singer-songwriter, actor, record producer

Born on his family’s Texas farm, Lyle Lovett was a natural to become a country singer, starting his career at the little bars adjacent to Texas A&M University, where he earned degrees in both journalism and German. He has recorded 15 albums and won four Grammy Awards, including for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Album (“The Road to Ensenada”)

Lovett won the Esky award for the Surest Thing from Esquire magazine in 2006. Staff praised him, noting, "The secret of Lyle Lovett's endurance comes down to the three C's: class, charisma and consistency... In the studio and on stage with his giant orchestra, he's spent two decades gracefully matching genuine songcraft with A-list musicianship.”

You may know that Lovett was married to screen icon Julia Roberts for a couple of years before they split due to “career demands.” A few years later, Lovett became romantically involved with April Kimble, taking it slow with a 14-year engagement before marrying in 2017 when their twins were born. 

What don’t you know about the crooner? How about that he was trapped against a fence by a bull on the family farm in 2003 and needed six months to heal his broken leg? Or that he loves reining horses and competed on stallion Smart and Shiney? Or that he is in the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame? Listen to a Lovett song on YouTube and enjoy!

Image Source: Wikipedia

November 7 - Christopher Knight, actor

Playing toothy middle son Peter on “The Brady Bunch” seems to have suited Christopher Knight just fine. The son of an actor, he went on to pursue other television roles, but the self-titled “geek” was a big success in the computer industry long before anyone heard of Apple or Microsoft. 

In 1998 he needed just 18 months to bring in Martec, Inc.’s first million-dollar sales deal and get named Employee of the Year. A couple short years later he co-founded 3D graphics company Visual Software and went on from there to work in video hardware and finally founded his own TV tuner company that got bought out in 2000. 

Strange but true: Knight kept in shape and debuted as a pro wrestler in 1994 against the Partridge Family’s Danny Bonaduce, who won the match. However, he salvaged his pride with a later win on “The Weakest Link” against other Brady Bunch cast members. He’s been married four times, most recently in 2016. 

Image Source: Wikipedia

November 23 - Mark Radice, musician, singer, songwriter, producer

We can’t omit Mark Radice from the birthday blog. The man has written more than 5,500 songs so it’s a good bet you’ve heard his work! He taught himself to play guitar by listening to Beatles albums when he was seven and signed to RCA Records.

Radice has worked with a veritable constellation of star talent, including Johnny Mathis, CheapTrick, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand and yes, The Muppets. He wrote 50 songs over eight years for “Sesame Street”, during which time he was nominated for a trio of Emmy Awards.


Image Source: Wikipedia

November 27 - Caroline Kennedy, author, attorney and diplomat

Currently serving as the US ambassador to Australia, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is the lone survivor of the family of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated when his daughter was not yet six years old. As a small child, she rode her pony, Macaroni, around the White House lawns. A photo of her on the pony with an accompanying story inspired Neil Diamond to write the hit song “Sweet Caroline,” which he sang at her 50th birthday.

Mother Jacqueline Kennedy moved Caroline and brother John Jr. to Manhattan after their father’s death. Her uncle, Bobby Kennedy, stepped in as a father figure. But when he was assassinated, it was the last straw for her mother, who stated, "I hate this country. I despise America and I don't want my children to live here anymore. If they're killing Kennedys, my kids are the number one targets. I have the two main targets. I want to get out of this country.” Several months later, she married Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and moved to Greece. 

Senator Ted Kennedy became Caroline’s godfather, and she continued to rub shoulders with world leaders while attending Radcliffe College at Harvard University, then working at the Met, where she met her future husband. After Onassis died, her mother passed away from cancer, and in 1999 her brother died tragically in a plane crash off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. 

Kennedy dedicated her life to philanthropy, serving on the board of many nonprofits and raising more than $65 million for New York City public schools. She is active in the Democratic Party and served as the US ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017.


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