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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Famous & 65

Look who's turning 65 this month

Find out which celebrities are turning 65 this month!

Image Source: Wikipedia

July 9 - Kelly McGillis, actress

Top Gun is all the rage again, and Kelly McGillis appeared in the original 1986 movie as “Charlie,” the no-nonsense flight instructor. She wasn’t just a pretty face; McGillis earned her chops at New York’s Julliard School where she was a class of 1983 graduate. You may remember her from the 1983 film Witness, where McGillis earned nominations for both a Golden Globe and BAFTA award in her role as an Amish mother.

McGillis has acted in a slew of films (including Made In Heaven, The House on Carroll Street, and The Babe) and TV productions, as well as on the stage, including acting the part of Mrs. Robinson in a production of The Graduate that toured the US in 2004. More recently, she has appeared in several thrillers on the big screen and An Uncommon Grace for Hallmark television.

McGillis has been married twice and has two children, Kelsey and Sonora. She has spent time working with drug addicts and alcoholics, as well as teaching acting in Asheville, NC.


Image Source: Wikipedia

July 13 - Cameron Crowe, journalist, film director, screenwriter

A precocious youngster, Cameron Crowe skipped not only kindergarten but an additional two grades in elementary school and graduated from high school in San Diego at the tender age of 15. By then, he had already been writing reviews on the local music scene for an underground publication as well as a couple of national print publications. He soon met the editor of Rolling Stone and got a job writing for the magazine, scoring interviews with such greats as Bob Dylan, David Bowie, the Eagles, and Neil Young as a teen.

Crowe not only liked the hard rock groups shunned by older editors, he was easygoing, eager to learn, and professional. The new kid could manage interviews that were difficult for longtime pros. The senior editor remarked, "He was the guy we sent out after some difficult customers. He covered the bands that hated Rolling Stone.”

But when the publication packed up for the East Coast, Crowe remained in California. While continuing to freelance for Rolling Stone, he began to pick up other interests, appearing in American Hot Wax and then going undercover as a high school student. He was still only 22 when he moved back in with his parents to enroll at Clairemont High School for the senior year he’d never really had at 13. The result was his book, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which was then made into a successful film, despite no marketing or big-name stars. A series of movies followed, most notably Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire. Crowe continues to write and create. A marriage to rock band Heart’s Nancy Wilson lasted from 1986 to their separation in 2008.

Image Source: Wikipedia

July 18 - Nick Faldo, golfer

Born in England, pro golfer Nick Faldo was at the top of the Official World Golf Ranking for 97 weeks altogether, and he has 41 pro wins to his credit, including three wins at the US Open. He has garnered a following as a golf analyst, most recently for CBS Sports.

Faldo enjoyed school as a child, but watching Jack Nicklaus at the 1971 Masters on the family’s new TV was a revelation that eclipsed all else. Over the next three years, the teen practiced enough to win the 1974 English Amateur, and then the English Amateur again in 1975 along with the British Youths Open Amateur Championship. The rest, as they say, is history.

Faldo turned pro in 1976 and began a string of wins in the European Tour, including two consecutive Sun Alliance PGA Championships. In the mid-1980s, he hired David Leadbetter to change his swing from a “beautiful” move that “hid many faults” to one that could win more major championships. Although very controversial, modern players including Tiger Woods have done the same thing. By 1987, Faldo was winning again and in July held the trophy for his first major win at The Open Championship. 

Fanatical about practice, Faldo’s work ethic “was quite unbelievable,” according to contemporary Gary Player. Leadbetter has said that Faldo would hit “five hundred to eight hundred balls a day, every day” while keeping up with his short game. But other players were not so complimentary of his personality. “He wasn't the most popular guy with all the players, that's for sure,” says Leadbetter. “He didn't go out to win friends and influence people. Very seldom does he call people by name. He was very difficult to get close to.”

Faldo is married to wife number four and has four children. Professionally, he has a course-design business, runs The Faldo Golf Institute, and created the Faldo Series for youth, which has encouraged such players as Rory McElroy, Yani Tseng and Nick Dougherty. He splits his time between homes in Orlando, Florida and the UK.


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