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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

20 Best Holiday Gifts for Older Adults

Holiday (and birthday!) shopping just got a whole lot easier with these thoughtful presents for all the people over 65 in your life.

Coming up with just the right gift can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. We’ve searched for the top 20 gifts for seniors that they’ll use and enjoy. These choices are helpful and thoughtful, selected to enhance quality of life. 

We’ve covered a diverse array of older adults, from those who are very active to people with Alzheimer’s. Selections have also been made from a variety of price points and encompass everything from tech to special experiences. Most are appropriate to give to clients as a small thank-you gift. And nearly all are available online.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot Alexa. This voice assistant plays music, tells jokes, reads audiobooks, plays the news and so much more. Arthritic fingers and aging eyes can make typing difficult, but Alexa is operated entirely by voice. About $50.
  2. SilverRide. A “door through door” experience, SilverRide sends someone to pick up the customer and accompany that person on an outing, then bring him or her back into the home. Treat someone to a wheelchair ride through the park, a visit to the art museum, or another favorite place. Price varies.
  3. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket. There are chilly days everywhere in the country, and nothing will warm someone up as thoroughly and quickly as an electric blanket. This one has three settings and comes in several colors. About $45.
  4. Succulent Garden. These hardy plants are a great choice for indoors, even if the recipient is lacking a green thumb. Choose from a wide array of shapes and colors, either fully grown or from cuttings that will grow to fill the pot. From $9.
  5. Boot Jack. Remove any shoe or pull-on boot without bending over. From $10.
  6. Tile Pro Key Finder. Use an app on your phone to find lost keys, or find your phone, even in silent mode, with your key finder. Four hundred foot range and is compatible with Alexa. About $35.
  7. Wheelchair Leg Blanket. Lap blankets can leave the backs of legs cold, but that won’t be a problem with this cocoon-style leg blanket that wraps around limbs for cozy comfort. $40.
  8. Super Vison Phone App. Anyone with aging eyes would appreciate having this free app on their smartphone. A simple slider adjusts the amount of magnification while a light brightens the space. Read menus in dark restaurants, see prescription doses and so much more. Free.
  9. Ancestry DNA Test Kit. Find relatives and discover your genetic heritage with a simple test that can be mailed in. From $59.
  10. Extra-long Shoe Horn. Helps shoes go on easily without bending over. $15. 
  11. Instacart Home Delivery Service. Treat an older adult to deliveries from the local grocery store, Costco, or other retailer. Price varies.
  12. Audiobooks Subscription. Who wouldn’t love choosing from over 250,000 book titles? Start with their free trial that includes three books plus other content. Start for free.
  13. Aftershokz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. These bone conduction headphones don’t block out other sounds, making them safer to use than ear buds. They’re also easy to take on and off and come in one piece. Charge for up to eight hours of use. About $80.
  14. TSA PreCheck®. Frequent travelers will appreciate being able to avoid long lines at TSA security checkpoints. No more removing footwear or bagging liquids, either. $85, good for five years.
  15. Lemonade Pursuits Jigsaw Puzzles. Voted the best jigsaw puzzles around, these artistic puzzles embrace unusual-shaped pieces, low glare, and great craftsmanship. Plus, the company will replace lost or damaged pieces. About $25.
  16. Destination Maps from National Geographic. These waterproof maps include historic sites and cultural attractions, as well as roads and terrain. $14.95.
  17. Ancestors/Relatives Photo Concentration Memory Game. Send in photos of ancestors, relatives, or the recipient at different ages, and receive a matching game with photos. Perfect to play with grandchildren. $24.99.
  18. Motion-Activated Indoor Lights. Not everyone wants a night light illuminating their sleeping space; solve the problem with motion-activated lights. Great for stairwells. From $10. 
  19. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. Cook an entire meal in one pot, up to 70% faster than with other methods. Clean up is fast and easy, and there are recipes for a wide variety of meals. From about $67.
  20. Firstleaf Wine of the Month Club. Award-winning wine-of-the-month club offers free shipping of wines from around the world. About $40. Other monthly choices to consider are bouquets and desserts.