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Monday, January 25, 2021

How To Spoil Fifi and Fido

It’s been a long winter, but your loyal pet helped you through. Maybe it’s time for a special treat for both you and your furball!

Ah, the coronavirus. It has made hermits of us and denied us sorely needed human interaction. But there’s at least one member of the family who has benefitted from all the time you’ve spent at home. Your dog or cat has basked in your affection, the lap time, the extra walks. Bring on the deliveries, they say, you don’t need to go out! 

But as the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel begins to grow brighter and thoughts of airplane rides dance in our heads, perhaps we should turn to our furry friends and treat them from the current array of tech gear available for pets. What to get? Here are some favorites:

  • While you may be gearing up for days in the office and evenings out, don’t forget your cat wants some “me”ow time, too. The Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy projects a safe, moving beam for 15 minutes, or you can program it to turn on for 15 minutes every two hours while you’re gone. Hang it from a doorknob to cover a larger area with faster movement. 
  • Dog people can reward their canine companion with an iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher. iFetch is available in models that shoot the ball out (you can adjust how far), or opt for a design that gently rolls the ball onto the floor. Active dogs will want one of each for outdoor and indoor use! It’s fairly simple to train animals interested in fetching to bring the ball back and reload the device themselves. Setting the iFetch out when you leave can help take the sting out of parting.
  • Turn a nasty chore over to technology with a Litter Robot or ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box. Your cat doesn’t enjoy the smell of its waste any more than you do, so this product does both of you a favor by cleaning her box after every visit. No more odor, no more scooping, no more unsightly visuals.
  • SureFlap microchip and app-activated pet doors can let your pet in and out while remaining a barrier to squirrels, weather and even the cat next door. If you have a kitty or small dog that is constantly going in and out, this could be the end of your days feeling like your pet’s butler, and allow you to relax and go about your business while your cat or small dog goes about his. 
  • The NiteDog rechargeable pet leash will increase your confidence walking Fido in the dark, whether early in the morning or last thing at night. The LED lights last about six hours between charges, so you can go a few extra blocks. Or try the Go-Smart Pet Leash with automatic nighttime illumination and an app that tracks and records every walk. It is also Bluetooth enabled and rechargeable. 
  • Your pup’s active mind gets a workout with CleverPet, the world’s first game console for dogs. Designed by cognitive scientists, the console gives your pet a treat reward for solving simple puzzles. Dogs touch different buttons with their nose or paw to, say, make all the lights blue. The game scales in difficulty according to your dog’s level of play. 
  • PupPod is another device that teaches your dog a response to a stimulus and offers a treat reward. The game increases in difficulty and offers a way to occupy your pet, even when you’re not home. 
  • If you want in on the action, try PlayDate interactive ball and camera for your cat or dog. You can use your smart phone anywhere with internet access to activate the ball and talk to your pet via the built-in speaker. Chase your pet while you control the ball, and have them chase the ball back! You can also take video or photos with the wide-angle camera, which is tougher than the most destructive dog.
  • Finally, if you have a dog who suffers from hip dysplasia, you know how much it can affect his mobility. Try the Hipster Harness, recommended by veterinarians to support and strengthen the hip muscles, keeping the femur in the correct position to avoid further injury. It’s fully adjustable and easy to put on and take off. It won’t help your dog while you’re away, but it could lengthen the time you get to spend together by keeping her up and walking much longer. Your buddy deserves a chance to avoid painful surgery and spend more time at your side, enjoying the great outdoors.

Taipei Is Capital of Pet Children

You may think dogs are pretty high on the status chain in the U.S., but have you been to Taiwan? Thanks to a low birth rate and minimal maternity leave, more citizens in the capital city of Taipei are elevating the status of their pets, which outnumber children under 15 years old across the country. Consequently, the pet accessory market is exploding. Strollers are a big seller, along with sunglasses, raincoats and even socks for dogs.

While parting is such sweet sorrow, you can make it easier on your furry friend by making life at home cleaner, more interesting, and more fun for you both. The more time you spend playing or cuddling with your pets, the happier they are. And what dog ever said, “No thanks” to an extra walk?! Hopefully, many of us can continue working from home and taking breaks with our special buddy. But when we have to be away, it’s nice to know there are products to help entertain and exercise the minds and bodies of our feline and canine companions.