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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Oldest Trapeze Artist Defies Time and Gravity

Have you been feeling stuck in a rut lately? How about challenging a Guiness record for 2019! Think of something really crazy where there won’t be much competition. Hmmm. Oldest trapeze artist? 

You’ll have to be over age 85, because that’s how old Betty Goedhart of California is, and she’s still at it. 

"I love to do things that are kind of ... extraordinary and have really enjoyed doing things that nobody else wants to do," Goedhart says. 

She liked watching circus performers in Kansas City when she was young, but she didn’t take her first trapeze class until she was 78. 

"[‘I] thought that looked a bit scary, but I could hardly wait to get up there," she says.

Goedhart wants to encourage everyone, but women in particular, not to “think that when they hit the age of 55, they’re old. We got a lot more on our journey,” she says. “Isn’t it fun to do the impossible?”