Thursday, July 6, 2017

With Medicare Interactive Pro, Medicare Rights Makes Learning Medicare Easy

With Medicare Interactive Pro, Medicare Rights Makes Learning Medicare Easy

The Medicare Rights Center, the largest and most reliable independent source of Medicare information and assistance in the United States, works tirelessly to ensure access to affordable health care for older adults and people with disabilities through its counseling, advocacy, and educational programs.

Because it can be difficult to navigate the complex world of health insurance, Medicare Rights is partnering with the Society of Certified Senior Advisors to make its comprehensive online Medicare curriculum, Medicare Interactive Pro (MI Pro), accessible to their network of Certified Senior Advisors. MI Pro empowers professionals to better help their clients, patients, employees, retirees, and others navigate a multitude of Medicare questions.

Building on Medicare Rights’ 28 years of health care counseling and educational expertise, MI Pro provides interactive tools to help users learn about the ins and outs of the Medicare program. MI Pro offers a four-level Core Curriculum, with four to five courses in each level. Among the topics included are: “Medicare Basics,” “Medicare Appeals and Penalties,” and “Medicare and Other Insurance and Assistance Programs.”

“With 10,000 baby boomers in America turning 65 every day, the need for more professionals to become Medicare knowledgeable is critical,” said Joe Baker, president of Medicare Rights. “MI Pro is suited to the needs of professionals from diverse fields – including human resources, financial advising, health care, and social work – to educate themselves, train their colleagues, and help their clients navigate the many nuances of Medicare.”

MI Pro is an essential resource for anyone looking to delve deeper into Medicare. It provides exclusive, in-depth Medicare content, interactive features and quizzes, and the ability to keep track of where you left off within each course and complete coursework at your own pace. Structured so that each course level builds on the information learned in previous levels, MI Pro takes its users on a guided learning experience, helping them understand the complexities of Medicare and empowering them with tools to assist others.

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