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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Call for CSA Journal Articles

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors® (SCSA) invites you to submit articles for consideration for publication in the CSA Journal. The Journal welcomes article submissions about the health, social, financial, legal and arts/humanities/spirituality issues of aging.

The CSA Journal is a quarterly publication that provides valuable and practical knowledge directly applicable to Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs). The Journal publishes original and challenging articles that make a contribution to theory, empirical research, and evidence-based practices aimed at improving the lives of seniors and the skills and knowledge of CSAs.

Specifically, SCSA wants Journal articles that help CSAs:

·        Identify and recommend solutions and options that meet seniors’ individual needs and improve their quality of life.

·         Recognize and understand emerging trends and critical issues that affect seniors.

·        Support seniors’ decision making by providing seniors with insight and information that helps them reach the highest possible level of informed consent. Provide the highest quality of customer service to seniors through demonstration of understanding and respect for the aging-related issues seniors face.

·        Position themselves as individuals who are valuable sources of knowledge about the aging process, seniors’ issues and where to find resources for seniors and their families.

·        Enhance and develop their individual competencies in leadership, communications, critical thinking and decision making as these relate to serving seniors in the most effective and ethical manner.

Articles can be submitted to SCSA at, Attention: CSA Journal Article.
The summer 2013 edition of the CSA Journal, can be reviewed at
For more information on Journal requirements, please visit
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