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Monday, January 13, 2014

Meet CSA Spotlight, Brenda Hellums

After spending 25 years in the banking and financial industry, I was recruited by Warren Averett in 2005 to create and head up the Daily Money Management Services (DMMS) department. Eight years later, I am assisting elders with their personal financial affairs, which has been a rewarding experience. My years in the banking industry has taught me how important relationships are and how serving the needs of our rapidly aging population, is of great importance. The aging need a listening ear, a trusted resource, and someone who is sensitive and aware of the issues they face.

DMMS assists elders in maintaining an independent lifestyle, along with the benefit of personal attention. Financial matters are handled in the most secure manner. Services are tailored from bill payment, statement reconciliation, financial reporting, tax ledger, payroll, medical claims processing, review of credit cards for unusual transactions, alerts for activity fluctuations, evaluation of insurance coverage’s, sale / purchase of homes and automobiles, vacation home payment / rent management, coordination of caregivers and a whole host of other assistance. My profession makes the impossible possible. I am passionate about what I do and feel good at the end of each day knowing that I have helped someone’s life to be a bit more enjoyable.

I have learned to celebrate the journey and live each day fully, as my spouse has recently been diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease, which affects the cognitive and motor skill functions of his body. I have discovered the role of compassion, patience and understanding. I can certainly empathize and can now share stories, experiences and resources. It is my desire for him, and many others, to make their quality of life meaningful and I am committed to making a difference in the lives of our seniors.

Since receiving the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) designation in 2009, the knowledge I have gained of the health, social and financial issues of aging is immeasurable. Caregiving, Medicare, healthcare proxy and living wills can all be overwhelming, so it is nice to have the resources provided by CSA.

Brenda Hellums, CSA, PDMM®
Warren Averett, LLC