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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CSA Conference: A chance for aging businesses to catch up on cutting edge research while networking

As owner of SAGE WAVE Consulting, LLC, I have worked across the country helping communities, healthcare, government and businesses to develop strategic plans preparing for the growing aging population.

Being a business owner and having worked across the aging industry, often you, as an aging service provider, have little to no “free time” to keep up with the most current research. Trying to keep your head above water by building clients while maintaining high-quality services is enough to exhaust any dedicated professional!

So, how do you locate and learn respected aging industry research that can help you do your job better? The upcoming CSA Conference: “Building Knowledge and Empowering Networks” (August 7-9, 2013 in Orlando) will help you do just that during a session titled “The Top Aging Industry Research Reports of 2013: Don’t Have Time to Read All the Industry Research? Here is the Condensed Version". The goal of this session is to share as much research as possible and leave you with summaries, links and resources for you to take with you and apply to your needs.

Using the “IGNITE” format (quick, attention-grabbing presentations), this interactive session presented by a panel of cross-industry professionals will summarize critical aging industry research CSAs need to know. Keeping up with current research is imperative in my line of work…whether it be a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Met Life Mature Market Institute, AARP, NIA, AoA, ASA, N4A, AGS, GSA, Leading Age, HCAOA, or any of the multitude of university-based aging institutes and professional organizations, I do my best to keep up on recent trends, policies and practices.

During this session participants will learn the answers to the following questions: What research do I need to be aware of to make my business stronger? Why is this research important? Where can I find reputable resources? Each presenter will share their views on multiple reports’ influence on aging industry business trends, directions, products and services.

The following presenters will be coordinating together to ensure we are covering critical information across the aging industry:

• Jane Barton, MTS, MASM, CSA ,Cardinal Life, LLC, President (Healthcare)

• Malcolm Greenhill, CFP, MBA, CSA, Sterling Futures, President (Finance & Insurance)

• Scott Morrison, CSA, BrightStar, President, Multiple Franchise Owner (Homecare)

• Erika Walker, MsED, MBA, CSA, SAGE WAVE Consulting, LLC, President (Cross-Industry)

This session will be an excellent way to find out about what’s happening across the aging industry as well as a great opportunity to build your network. Unlike many other conferences, the CSA Conference brings all aging service sectors together to learn how to make our businesses stronger. See you in August in Orlando!

Blog posting provided by:
Erika T. Walker, MBA, CSA, President and Owner, SAGE WAVE Consulting, LLC