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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Sierra Club

Since 1892, the Sierra Club has been working hard to protect communities, wild places, and the earth in general. This is the largest and most influential environmental organization in the country. Its goal is to help people to “explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.”

Approximately 1.4 million people take part in the Sierra Club activities. These people are active seniors, in addition to beginners and families who select from over 300 itineraries with an abundance of options for all ages, abilities, and budgets. Its members are interested in hiking, backpacking, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, bicycling, sailing, and both downhill and cross country skiing.

Sierra Club outings are both national and international. In fact, there are about 350 trips around the U.S. and abroad. And, this group makes a real difference in the world. Literally. Sierra Club members are the most effective advocates for our environment, both locally and globally. Their strength lies in focusing on specific community issues, in addition to lobbying for a greener environment. State senators are called and emailed on a regular basis to do this important work.

Most significant though, is this club’s commitment to protecting our planet in order to leave our children clean air, clean water, and natural grandeur. This would be a truly rich legacy.

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Laraine Jablon

Laraine Jablon, BA, MA, is a writer specializing in social, health, and spiritual concerns of seniors. She lives in Nesconset, New York, and welcomes your thoughts.