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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Job Hunting After 50

There is good news. Really.

Companies actually do hire seniors. However, one unfortunate and often overlooked fact is that many baby boomer job seekers do not know how to conduct a modern job search, or properly present themselves to employers. An ineffective resume or a poor interview can seriously derail anyone’s job search—especially that of the mature job applicant. Unfortunately, this can shut him out of the job market.

The good news is that Carol A. Silvis is an experienced author who has taught training courses to older adults re-entering the workplace. Having written extensively on the subject of career topics and concerns, her most recent book is Job Hunting After 50. It is specifically designed to prepare seniors for the job search by arming them with a plan for success.

This book shows them how to assess and update their skills and qualifications; use the appropriate technology; prepare their own resumes for today’s job market; and dress with style for the interview. Silvis identifies the most common mistakes seniors make, showing them how to best avoid certain pitfalls. In addition, she addresses their energy levels and attitudes.

The goal is to commit one’s time to finding the right job by approaching it systematically and intelligently. Silvis has laid out some tried and true principles to follow in order to simplify the process. Her book will be a boon for the boomers and their parents who are job hunting at this time.

Wishing you luck in your search,

~Laraine Jablon

Laraine Jablon, BA, MA, is a writer living in Nesconset, New York. She welcomes your thoughts.