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Friday, February 24, 2012

Information for Life

When you most need vital information from a senior is when they are least able to give it, but a new, specially designed product from SCSA can change that.

The Information for Life kit is a tool that allows seniors to put together a comprehensive compilation of their personal, legal, medical and financial information. This provides the critical information needed to make decisions for seniors and handle their affairs when they are no longer able to do so for themselves.

The kit provides documents where you can compile information on topics such as:

  • Who to call in an emergency and next-of-kin contact information
  • Household information such as where your extra house keys or if you have a pet that needs to be cared for
  • Whether you have an advance directive or living will that makes your medical wishes known and where it can be found
  • Medical information such as medications and health insurance
  • An overview of pertinent financial documents and their location
  • And much, much more

It takes only once for those who care for seniors to know what they don’t know. It takes the Information for Life Kit to provide the answers.

Click here to access and download the available IFL forms!

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