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Monday, July 25, 2011

Introducing the New CSA Journal . . .

We’re excited to announce a brand new focus and look to the CSA Journal -- SCSA’s flagship publication that’s produced exclusively for CSAs as a member benefit.

The New CSA Journal offers:

• The latest insights, strategies and tips to help you serve your senior clients even more effectively.
• A new Case in Point section with a senior client handout and an option to earn 5 CSA CE credits.
• Tons of extra resources including new share icons so you can easily pass the content along to your senior clients.
• and so much more

Experts Write for CSAs
Today’s new CSA Journal focuses on senior-related topics from the CSA’s perspective (while our monthly e-newsletter, Senior Spirit, focuses on topics from a senior’s perspective). You’ll find interesting, informative and educational articles written by experts to help CSAs provide the highest value to their senior clients and to contribute to CSAs’ continuing education and professaional development. These CSA-focused articles show a practical, real world understanding and respect for the aging-related issues seniors are facing and will help you open lines of communication with seniors and suggest ways to support your senior clients when they make important decisions about their lives. In addition, the new CSA Journal will help CSAs gain a bigger picture of the social and scientific breakthroughs that are affecting seniors and will keep pace with new developments and understandings about aging and issues that are important to the majority of seniors.

Client Handout & CSA CE Credits
Be sure to check out a new section in the CSA Journal called Case in Point - CSA CE that includes a feature article and case study on a significant senior-related issue, plus a handout for your senior clients (in this issue, Case in Point covers advance directives). After you read the Case in Point section, you have the option to go online to answer a set of discussion questions and pass a short multiple choice quiz for 5 CSA CE credits.

Extra Resources & Ways to Share with Others
You’ll also notice links to Other Resources throughout the new Journal that expand on various topics and icons for email, LinkedIn and Facebook so it’s easy for you to share any article in the Journal with your colleagues, clients and others. And remember, you can also post CSA Journal articles and the Journal link on your website and/or blog.

Click here to access the CSA Member Portal. Once logged in, you will find the new CSA Journal under SCSA Publications. Don’t know your login information? No worries, contact us at and we’ll send it to you.

If you have comments or suggestions for articles or ideas for tailoring the new CSA Journal to CSAs’ interests and needs, please email them to