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Friday, May 6, 2011


The vast Seniors community, including retirees, baby boomers and those actively employed or seeking jobs, benefits greatly from a professionally-written Biography. Whatever their profession, vocation or natural talent, whether marketing themselves for the workplace, posting a web Bio for professional or social networking purposes, or providing an important biographical family legacy, it is essential that Seniors maintain a current Bio.

A professional biographer can best assist in the sometimes difficult tasks of preparing, organizing and writing Senior's personal Biography, no matter how short or how detailed the desired Bio. Biographer, Steve Berent has been working with and writing for seniors for many years, educating them on the importance of maintaining a personal Bio. Through his websites, and, he continues his mission to provide affordable, professional Biographies to all seniors.

Berent emphasizes, “Seniors are by and large healthier and more active these days and many, by necessity, are staying in the workplace longer, pushing retirement back for many years. For them, the Bio is a vital tool for remaining in the employment pool. For others, continuing their personal legacy for future generations to read and gain inspiration from, is an important motive for creating a lasting, more in-depth Biography.”

He further stresses the therapeutic and healing benefits of the Senior Biography as well. “Aside from the practical use of the Bio for today's Seniors, the beneficial jog to the memory circuits often serves to heal and restore. The burden that many Seniors encounter, fearing they've lost substantial long-term memory or that they have become increasingly incapacitated in that regard, is lifted significantly and goes a long way toward promoting healthy memory activity.”

Regardless of the guiding motivation for the Senior's Biography, the professional biographer serves an integral role in the Senior community, effectively facilitating the process of organizing and writing one's Bio and life story.

Blog posting courtesy of Steve Berent