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Friday, February 18, 2011

71-Year-Old Granny Becomes a Superhero With Her Handbag

Here's a video of a real-time, 71-year-old, superhero granny fighting a group of jewelry thieves with her handbag. Ann Timson, is shown tearing up the street as she begins beating the thieves with her purse.

The video shows the four men pulling up on scooters and attempting to smash into the jewelry store with sledgehammers. As the store's emergency shutters start to deploy, Ann Timson is shown tearing up the street and begins laying into the nearest robber.

The robbers then scramble for their bikes, but not all of them make a clean getaway. One of them is taken down by the now-mobilized onlookers. The four men were apprehended.

Good job Ann Timson!!!